Slides: How to Run a Planning Session to Win a Critical Sales Opportunity

Back in March I delivered a webinar for Sales and Marketing Management magazine entitled, “How to Run a Planning Session to Win a Critical Sales Opportunity.” (Here are the slides.) Some background Before I started ESR I worked as a backstage coach helping companies win very competitive, big ticket sales opportunities.  So I know a lot about […]

20 Must-Have Resources Every Sales Manager Needs

Last month I delivered a webinar where I took the audience through considerably more than 20 must-have resources that sales managers need to get their jobs done—deliver at or above their targets. I posted the slides on SlideShare. If you’d like to listen to the audio as well, you’ll find it here, on SMM Connect’s […]

An Expert Talks About Fixing Sales Forecasting Problems

Funny thing.  In the past few months we’ve found an unusually high number of our clients seriously concerned with inaccurate sales forecasting. To put it bluntly, they are finding it impossible to get forecasting right at all. In situations like that, it doesn’t take ESR long to diagnose the cause: a sales process that isn’t […]

Mike Kunkle on Driving Sales Training Results

I “discovered” Mike Kunkle a while back through his contributions to the sales effectiveness discussion groups, his tweets, and his comments on various sales experts’ blogs. Whatever he’s written has been to-the-point, clearly articulated, and has oozed experience and knowledge. ES Research worked with Mike on a special project for his last company, so we […]

9 Big Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make About Selling

There was a very relevant announcement made recently: Enterprise Ireland Announces Record Exports of €15.2bn in 2011. This is big news in Ireland, especially with the situation that Ireland has been in.  The funding, support, and programs the Irish goverment has provided companies that export (read: sell outside Ireland) led to this significant achievement. (Read […]

Are You Looking at Sales Training Strategically?

At ESR, when sales training doesn’t work, we look at the reasons.  Here are some predominant ones that we see at ESR: inadequate (or lack of) requirements definition inadequate funding lack of executive buy-in not understanding what skill gaps each member of the sales team has engaging with the wrong training company for any reason engaging […]

ESR Evaluations: BayGroup International, RAIN Group, and durhamlane

ESR has published three new sales training provider profiles and evaluations: durhamlane is an independent thought leader on sales performance. Aiming to make a measurable difference, the firm helps clients increase revenues and profits by building strong customer relationships focused on value and long-term partnership. durhamlane reviews and improves sales processes, develops sales skills through […]

My 2012 ASTD Conference Visit and (Downloadable) Presentation

Monday I attended and presented at ASTD’s (American Society of Training and Development) 2012 International Conference and Exposition.  Thanks to Mike Galvin for inviting me to contribute to the Sales Enablement track. Although I was only in Denver for a day, I did get the opportunity to chat with representatives and senior executives from some […]