Role-Playing: Making Your Formal Sales Training Programs More Effective

Too often companies invest significantly in a major sales training program only to see little improvement.  Again and again sales managers say, “sales training programs are a waste; my people just do what they’ve always done sixty days later.”  Of course one mistake many companies make is to treat sales training as an event rather […]

My 2012 ASTD Conference Visit and (Downloadable) Presentation

Monday I attended and presented at ASTD’s (American Society of Training and Development) 2012 International Conference and Exposition.  Thanks to Mike Galvin for inviting me to contribute to the Sales Enablement track. Although I was only in Denver for a day, I did get the opportunity to chat with representatives and senior executives from some […]

Sixteen (More) of the World’s Top Sales Experts are Meeting. Get a Seat at the Table.

Thanks to the more than 2,000 of you who, as of today’s count, joined our last Sales Thought-Leader Panel Series either live or via our MP3 archive. Beginning in January, 2011, I will be moderating four new, unscripted, unedited panel discussions on today’s hot button sales issues. Join me online to listen, ask questions, and […]

ESR Publishes 2011 Virtual Sales Training Report

In Q3 2011, ES Research Group, Inc. conducted an important survey to explore the impact that technology, evolving media, and new delivery methods are having on the people and organizations that develop, deliver, and purchase sales training. The results show that, over the past two years, rapid advancements in technology, combined with a sluggish economy, […]

The Real Reasons Sales Training Fails and What To Do About It

First, let’s get something straight. Every salesperson needs ongoing training and ongoing reinforcement, just like pilots, doctors, electricians, lawyers, and every other profession. If a sales person doesn’t get relevant, well-designed, and regular training, as selling conditions change, they learn by trial and error. And that’s no way to beat their quotas. There are scores […]

34 Proven Tactics for Winning More Business

This post is for all my new colleagues in Ireland—sales executives and directors, VPs, MDs, and CEOs who have been attending Enterprise Ireland and The Dublin Institute of Technology’s International Selling Programme. I’ve facilitated seven days of programmes with just one left to go.  We’ve discussed sales effectiveness-building processes and strategies for building a sales […]

Accelerating Revenue Through Learning – Here Are The Slides

Last week I delivered a webinar for ASTD’s Sales Training Drivers.  The subject was the 2011 ASTD Report: Accelerating Revenue Through Learning: Developing Sales Teams That Win, which ESR co-authored with ASTD.  ESR sponsored the Report as well.  That webinar presentation is archived here.  Although you can download the slides below, I strongly suggest you […]

Virtual Learning for Sales People and a Webinar Invitation

Some observations on virtual learning for sales people Martyn Lewis, CEO of 3g Selling and Market Partners, attended ASTD’s recent TechKnowledge event in San Jose.  3g Selling is a leading provider of virtual sales learning solutions, so we view Martyn as an expert in this area. (Note: 3g Selling subscribes to ESR’s research.) With Martyn’s […]