Company Culture: Sales Eats First

(Note: Since there are numbers of comments, you may want to read a copy of this post on LinkedIn.) I hosted best-selling author, Mike Weinberg, the other day for a powerful and memorable webinar about dysfunctional sales management. At one point during our discussion, I brought up the powerful cultural message: “Sales Eats First.” Recalling that imperative brought […]

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About Salesreps: Can You Transform a C-Player into a B-Player?

We read a lot on sales blogs and in articles about A, B, and C players.  Those pieces have covered various methods, learning approaches, and tools for transforming C’s into B’s, and B’s into A-players. Based on most of what I have read, I’ve got a different view. I was a “C” Player, literally! Let […]

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Why Beyond the Sales Process is Different

Today marks the formal shipping date of Beyond the Sales Process: 12 Strategies for a Customer-Driven World. For those of you who are interested, here is some of the back story. (Here is Steve Andersen’s take.) As a sales industry watcher, former analyst, trainer, and consultant, if there’s a sales book out there, I’ve probably read […]

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Breaking Bad News

mea culpa

It happens. You make a mistake in describing a specification or capability. You lose an important account to a competitor. A scathing report circulates about problems with your company’s product or service. You’re going over budget on a project. Or you just have to apologize. Now you have to tell your customer. You may feel […]

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Can You Really Measure Sales Culture?


For decades sales leaders have been discussing how to get the highest levels of performance of their teams. Some would make the case that the answer lies in a company’s sales culture and how the team is built and developed within that culture. In many cases, culture is managed and measured by intuition, leaving scaling a sales organization a […]

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Does Your Sales Team Have True Grit?

Andy Miller2

grit (noun): firmness of character; indomitable spirit; unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger True Grit Your sales team has process, skills, and plenty of product knowledge. So what’s keeping them from landing that next deal? By Jennifer Bohanan International sales strategist Andy Miller of Big Swift Kick says that whether you’re managing […]

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Secrets of an Independent Sales Consultant

phone at beach2

Every week or so I get an email asking for advice from someone who is interested in becoming a independent sales consultant. In some cases they’ve found themselves out of a job. Others want to transition into what they consider a dream situation. I’ll answer a short question or two by email for those who selfishly just […]

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How Salespeople Become Business Advisors

I’ll be speaking next week at ITSMA’s 20th Annual Marketing Conference in Boston. The theme is, “The New Face of Marketing.” As a run-up to that event, I was interviewed by Dan Armstrong, Director of Research and Thought Leadership at ITSMA. Here is the interview as published on ITSMA’s website. Thanks to Dan and ITSMA for […]

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