Hiring the Wrong VPs of Sales, Over and Over

I’ve written a lot recently about salespeople. (Key in “hiring” into the search box on my blog or look at my recent posts on LinkedIn.) Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to provide my opinion to CEOs, CFOs, boards of directors, private investors, private equity partners, and venture capitalists about what was really going on within their […]

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My Top 8 Reasons Why Sales Managers Hire the Wrong People


Sales leaders don’t contact me when they are successful and consistent in their hiring efforts. I get called when they aren’t making their numbers because half of their reps (or often even fewer) are delivering at target. After years of working with sales leaders and HR, building, installing, and implementing a hiring process this is my top […]

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11 Timeless Truths About Sales Hiring


Sales mis-hiring continues to remain at epidemic levels, even as knowledge about, and tools for, effective hiring continue to grow. Depending on whose research you read, annual attrition rates among B2B salespeople range from 25 to well over 40%. Those numbers include those leaving their sales positions voluntarily as well as involuntarily. (Here are two of many sources: Peak […]

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About Salesreps: Can You Transform a C-Player into a B-Player?

We read a lot on sales blogs and in articles about A, B, and C players.  Those pieces have covered various methods, learning approaches, and tools for transforming C’s into B’s, and B’s into A-players. Based on most of what I have read, I’ve got a different view. I was a “C” Player, literally! Let […]

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Why You Must Run Sales Candidates Through Simulations


I’ve often said that mis-hiring salespeople and their managers is an epidemic. What good is putting 10 or 100 or 1,000 salespeople through training and investing in technology for them when as many as one-third of them will never get the selling job done? Even with all the money being spend on sales effectiveness, sales […]

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Get the Right People on Your Sales Team


It makes little sense to spend the time and money training and developing your sales team when the people in whom you are investing do not have the capability for sustainable improvement. Mis-hiring is an epidemic. Based on my experience helping companies hire sales talent over the years, I believe that somewhere between 20% and 33% […]

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The Single Biggest Challenge to Hiring Sales People


Any sales manager or sales VP who doesn’t have a proven method to identify particular candidates’ lies, exaggerations, and misrepresentations is destined to have a very difficult time building a stable and high-performing team. A Bit of Background Hireright.com did research on the subject of lying a while back. A number of other firms have […]

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Hiring a Commission-Only Sales Rep? Caution is Advised.

100 percent commission

During the past two weeks I had the opportunity to consult with two CEO/entrepreneurs. They’re both in the tech space  just coming up to the point where they are looking for focused sales resources. These are start-up situations. Since they are very concerned about burning through cash, the idea of having commission-only salespeople selling for […]

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Selleration on Selling Intelligence

selling intelligence

I’ve believed in assessments for many years. They are a required component of my hiring process.  As of today, the quality of the tools has improved to the point that many of them provide very accurate insight into candidates as well as existing personnel. What a help for hiring and talent management! Digging into this […]

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Does Your Sales Trainer Make THEIR Number?


During my earliest days as a sales rep, my performance was inconsistent. I quickly learned a lot. I performed better. As a manager, the same process occurred. It did again as VP of sales. At one point, during a meeting, one of the VC’s on our board told me to, “stop the self-flagellation and start […]

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