As of March 15, 2014, ES Research Group, Inc. has ceased operations.

Although I have attempted a number of times to pass the company on to a new owner, I was unable to identify an individual or firm that, without me, could take the company forward in a way that would build on all we had accomplished.

We did accomplish a lot since we founded the company in 2005:

  • We published the first evaluations and comparisons of (initially) 15 sales training providers. That number increased to more than three dozen firms during the past few years
  • We pressed a number of companies in sales training community to spend time and money measuring the impact of the products and services they deliver to their clients.
  • We alerted the sales training community about the coming wave of technology-enabled learning and selling and guided them into engaging with the right technology partner(s).
  • We assumed a leadership role in leveraging social media, especially LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • We delivered a dozen webinars to the sales training community, advising them of what it takes to win training engagements as well as what they needed to know about the sales training industry.
  • We coached CEOs and principals of many sales training companies on what they needed to do to grow their training and/or consulting practices.
  • We assumed a thought-leadership position as a result of my blog.
  • We provided sales training decision support to hundreds of end-user companies, from the Fortune 10 to start-ups in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia.
  • We asked tough questions of trainers and buyers around ROI, fit, reinforcement, hiring, and other critical issues.
  • We elevated the role of the sales trainer through our work with ASTD and my column in Sales and Marketing Management magazine.

I’ll continue to be active in the sales performance improvement community, as you’ll see. I also have a few other industry-related interests and projects that I am quite excited about. You’ll hear more about those over the next few weeks and months. And, I’ll continue to work with growing Irish companies here and in Dublin. My affiliation with the Dublin Institute of Technology and Enterprise Ireland is something I’ll remain committed to.

By all means, subscribe to and read this blog. I’ll continue to post, letting you know where I am and what I am up to as well as sharing what I believe to be what you need to know to engage with your customers more effectively.

Please feel free to contact me through my old ESR email address or by commenting on this post. I will not approve (publish) your comment if the purpose is just communication with me. My phone number will remain the same: +1 (508) 696-4905. It rings at my desk.

Thanks again for your guidance, inspiration, friendship, loyalty, and for being a vital part of a great community.

Although I’m no longer CEO of ES Research Group, I’ll always be the founder. That’s something about which I am very proud.

Dave Stein, Founder, ES Research Group, Inc.

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      • says

        Hi Dave,
        You have accomplished a lot and I wish you well in your new endeavors.

        Coincidentally, when the market fell, I was among the first to learn about social media and made wonderful connections worldwide. This past week I was asked to be the Chief Marketing Officer for an international woman’s organization – official in a couple of weeks.

        I’m sharing this because I’ve learned that when something seemingly doesn’t work as it should, there is something better down the road. To your continued success!

  1. says

    Hi Dave, best of luck to you and Vivian with the transition! Susan and I so enjoyed working with you and I will continue to look forward to your posts when you have the time to write them!

    • Dave Stein says

      Hi Maureen,

      Thanks. You and Susan did a terrific job for ESR. I’d recommend Precision Marketing Group any time.


  2. John Esposito says

    You made a huge positive impact on me personally, and my team, back at AMICAS. You helped us re-think the way we approached the selling process, and the results were meaningful and measurable. And on top of that, it was a lot of fun. Thanks Dave!

    • Dave Stein says

      Thanks, Espo.

      You are one of the most well-equipped and effective sales leaders I’ve had the opportunity of working with.

      Best to you as well.


  3. says

    Dave I wish you the best as you move forward with new projects. Change is good, there is so much to life! Thanks for the many insights you’ve shared, I’ve enjoyed our periodic talks.

  4. Lee Levitt says


    I have always been a fan of your work. Feel free to reach out anytime. I look forward to seeing what you take on next!



  5. says


    Needless to say I am a bit stunned by this announcement.

    You have been a major “thought leader” in our industry. You have done good work and have been fully engaged.

    I trust you will continue to provide guidance and commentary moving forward. Your services will be missed.

    I want to wish you the very best in the days ahead and thank you for the great work you have done.



  6. Tom Christopher says

    Dave you have made a fantastic contribution to the sales profession industry with you work and insight. That for all you have been doing and wish you the best on your future endeavors!!!

  7. Keith Stoneman says

    Dave –
    I am disappointed to hear this news. ESR produced top shelf content and analysis. I look forward to see what your next chapter brings.