For Sales Trainers: What You Need to Know

Last week, I delivered a webinar for sales trainers only.

We covered a lot of ground in 45 minutes. (See agenda to the right.)

As an introduction, I spoke about the changes in ESR’s business model. Most important is that ESR will be providing all our research for free, except for the Evaluations of sales training providers. Needless to say, registration will be required of anyone who intends to download ESR content.

I covered a series of sales training buying trends, including:

  • Virtual training
  • What’s hot versus what’s tried and true
  • New vertical markets for trainers
  • The growth of channel and inside sales

Next I touched on some of the acquisitions and alliances driving a bit of consolidation in the market.

We dipped into technology-enabled learning and selling as well as social media as content for sales trainers as well as a marketing tool.

I had the opportunity to mention a number of excellent new sales books:

I offered the attendees some news. You can either view/listen to the archive or wait until we make two formal announcements.

If you’re interested in what companies were mentioned during the event, here they are:

  • Mercuri International
  • Miller Heiman
  • The TAS Group
  • Corporate Visions / BayGroup International / Whiteboard Selling
  • Franklin Covey / NinetyFive 5
  • Performance Methods, Inc.
  • The TAS Group
  • White Springs
  • Revegy
  • Richardson
  • ValueSelling Associates
  • Huthwaite
  • Complex Sale
  • RainGroup
  • Sales Benchmark Index
  • Sales Performance International
  • AchieveGlobal
  • Top Sales World

Here is a link to the archives (MP3, WMV, PDF) of “The State of Sales Training: What You Need to Know.” (Free registration required.)

Note: I’ll be hosting a webinar with Tony Hughes, Author of The Joshua Principle, on July 24. Register.

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    Thanks for the Smart Sales Manager book mention, Dave. Glad you are offering such great information because sales companies today must refresh their curriculum to meet the needs of our social, digital, Customer 2.0 meeting Talent 2.0. Keep up the great work!