Slides: Five Imperatives for Sales Effectiveness in 2013

My blog stats show that you’ve liked this series of slides I’ve been posting for the past few weeks, so here is another one.

I delivered this webinar for The TAS Group in January.

If you view the slides, come back to this post to let us know what imperatives are more important to you than the ones I covered.

Here is “Five Imperatives for Sales Effectiveness in 2013.



  1. Patrick Maher says

    Dave, excellent slide presentation. One edit: Slide #6, 2nd bullet, sixth word should be “and” not “a”.

    Patrick Maher

    • Dave Stein says

      Thanks, Patrick. I leave those typos in there just to see who really reads these things. You passed the test.

      Only kidding, of course. I’ll correct it.


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