Dealmaker Index: Actionable Insights into Sales Effectiveness

Last week I moderated the ESR Sales Thought-Leader Panel on CRM.  Among the panelists was Donal Daly, CEO of The TAS Group. (Click on the link to listen to the archive of this very informative discussion about how CRM supports effective selling. Registration required).  Disclosure: The TAS Group is an ESR subscriber.

Before the event, Donal asked if I would preview their new Dealmaker Index sales effectiveness assessment tool prior to its release.  I spent 15 minutes or so completing a series of questions about my personal selling approach, actions, and activities, and those, on a higher level, of ESR.

Before I tell you what I got for my effort, here is some background from The TAS Group’s press release.  “Based on an analysis of 92 sales performance factors, mapped against proven successful approaches, the Dealmaker Index measures the effectiveness of sales organizations and sales individuals across areas such as deal close rates, sales cycle management, value creation and sales opportunity development. It analyzes their activities, behaviors and attitudes and their strategic alignment with their companies and the resulting sales velocity they can achieve.”

The output was a very detailed road map of what I and my company needed to do to elevate performance. There are three outputs:

  • The Executive Summary Report identifies 5 key action areas for immediate improvement, as well as an overview of the company’s Dealmaker Index.
  • The Company Detailed Analysis and Recommendations Report, provides guidance to the company on Strategic Alignment, Sales Process Analysis, Sales Velocity, Sales Coaching, Social Media, Customer Retention, Competitive Differentiation, Sales Methodology, CRM and Revenue Performance Management. This comprehensive report, tailored for the individual company typical exceeds 3000 words of in-depth advice.
  • The Personal Dealmaker Index Report looks at the performance of the individual sales professional, analyzing his or her capability, how he or she approaches a sales engagement, his or her personal sales perspectives and the efficacy of his or her use of sales systems and infrastructure.

Click on the graphic to see a full-size view of an excerpt of my results. This is one of the outputs from the tool.  Here is another.

I analyzed the reports from the Index comparing what its findings and recommendations and what I know to be ESR’s (and my personal) selling strengths and challenges.  After all, one of the services ESR providers to our sales training buyer clients is evaluating their sales effectiveness. That’s a core competency here at ESR. What I found is in the areas where the Dealmaker Index was inaccurate, I was somewhat inconsistent with my responses to the questions. ESR has a bit of an unusual selling model with a number of components, markets, channels, and products. I didn’t do a very good job of delineating them. GIGO.

For the average salesperson or sales manager, this tool is a really good place to start with a diagnosis of your selling challenges, validation of your strengths, and recommendations for both.  I don’t see any weaknesses in the tool.  If it were to provide an inaccurate report, the reason would be the person inputting the information wasn’t able or willing to provide accurate data.  Unlike the best psychometric tests, you can fool the Dealmaker Index, but who’d want to?

My recommendation is go to It’s free.  It’ll take you 15-20 minutes.  Read the output reports carefully.  I’d be very surprised if you didn’t learn something important.

By the way, Donal Daly will be delivering a complimentary webinar Thursday, November 17th at 8:30am PST / 11:30am EST 4:30pm GMT / 5:30 pm CET.  The subject: 92 Signposts to a Roadmap for Sales Success in 2012.  Here is a registration link.

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