ESR Publishes 2011 Virtual Sales Training Report

ESR's Virtual Sales Training ReportIn Q3 2011, ES Research Group, Inc. conducted an important survey to explore the impact that technology, evolving media, and new delivery methods are having on the people and organizations that develop, deliver, and purchase sales training.

The results show that, over the past two years, rapid advancements in technology, combined with a sluggish economy, have produced a dramatic leap forward in both the types of training provided and the subject matter delivered through virtual training.

The report was published today. Here is the press release: ESR’s 2011 Report on Virtual Sales Training.

These changes represent a significant and unprecedented evolution for the sales training industry. There is no going back to what everyone was doing just three or four years ago.

Here is some of what is covered in this Report:

  • Average investment in sales training by salesrep
  • Who makes sales training decisions
  • Who is responsible for the sales training budget
  • Mandates for virtual training
  • The reasons companies train virtually rather than in traditional classrooms
  • How long the improvement from virtual training lasts
  • The differences between live virtual training and asynchronous (on-demand) virtual training
  • The strengths and weaknesses of each
  • What sales training content is best delivered virtually
  • Delivery methods, including Internet- and computer-based
  • Customization trends
  • Relative increases and decreases in virtual versus live training
  • Barriers to adopting virtual training and classroom training

This information is vital for sales organizations and training providers that want to thrive in this new environment.

This is one of the 10 charts in the 32-page Report that reveals changes in the sales training environment. (See note at bottom of post.)

Click on the image for a full-size rendition.

If you are an ESR sales training buyer or sales training provider subscriber, click here to access the Virtual Sales Training Report. The Report is included in your subscription.

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Important note: Written permission is required from ESR for quotation from this chart and/or any content in the Report or Executive Summary.  Getting permission to link to this post is not required.


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