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Over the past few years, ESR has taken a very strong position on CRM and other technology-enabled selling solutions.

On one hand we know that even at this late stage, CRM is still being forced on many salespeople against their will.  Out-of-the-box CRM, or CRM installed without an underlying selling process is worse than useless to salespeople.  It wastes their time, distracts them from the job at hand, and positions them as adversaries to those for whom the reports coming from the CRM system are critical.  It automates the very chaos that exists in many sales organizations.

Some Sales 2.0 solutions result in the same situation.  Vendors provide a vision of a greater degree of selling effectiveness and sales leaders, looking for any and all help, invest in solutions that do nothing more than keep them from doing the right things to help them out of their dire situations.

The good news is that there are technology-enabled selling (and learning) applications and approaches that get the job done. They actually help sales people sell.

Next Wednesday, Oct 26, 2011, at 1:00 ET, I’ll be moderating the second in our sales thought-leader panel series. Each member of the panel has significant experience in the world of technology-enabled selling and will provide insight, opinion and their experience in how technology can work for salespeople.

The first sales thought-leader panel last week was quite different from what sales leaders and managers will typically attend on in a virtual setting.  No promotions, no PowerPoint slide presentations, no pre-event rehearsal and no scripted questions.  In fact we took live questions, via audio, from the audience.

This panel will prove to be quite an event as well in that the panelists represent sales training firms that compete actively in the marketplace.

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