Accelerating Revenue Through Learning – Here Are The Slides

Last week I delivered a webinar for ASTD’s Sales Training Drivers.  The subject was the 2011 ASTD Report: Accelerating Revenue Through Learning: Developing Sales Teams That Win, which ESR co-authored with ASTD.  ESR sponsored the Report as well.  That webinar presentation is archived here.  Although you can download the slides below, I strongly suggest you listen to the archive of the event.  There are a lot of details I cover verbally, and some of the questions were terrific.

John Pierce from ASTD interviewed me in advance of the event.  Here is the interview: Why 50% of Sales Organizations Underperform.

For those of you who are interested in statistics, there are more than enough to ponder in the Report.  Here’s a little taste:

One question posed in the survey: “For me to become a trusted business advisor with my clients and prospects, the sales training I receive should be focused on:”

  • 77.9% indicated, “How to manage the customer’s perception of value.”
  • 71.2% indicated, “Thinking more strategically.”
  • 70.5% indicated, “Being a better consultant.”
  • 67% indicated, “Defining and positioning solutions.”

(Percent of respondents answering “high extent” or “very high extent”)

Another sobering statistic: 56 percent of salespeople in the survey said they receive no formal sales training.

Here are the slides:  Webinar: 2011 ASTD Report on Sales Training

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